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Shenzhen about Furniture Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "about furniture") was founded in the 1986 years. As a leading brand of China living culture and happiness around furniture culture, focus on the furniture industry 30, built over 100 million square meters of Asian furniture R & D and manufacturing base, its launched to meet the diverse needs of users at home and abroad "about living life hall", "about the" cloth ", or" international "about modern American", "about" Zhimei ", about the universe", "about the custom" and "Nafis Wani" and other products, has been to 178 countries and regions around the world, service 500 million happiness family. About furniture based on the global fashion: the frontier of Shenzhen, has been committed to the integration and innovation of domestic and international furniture culture and art, more than 3300 companies, senior technical and management personnel, as the output of "global users Everfount the fashion design, fine workmanship, material test research, excellent quality" products. About 30 years of furniture "professional career", leading Chinese living culture development, in the consumer reputation is outstanding. Known as "popular quality classic" about furniture, the implementation of quality management in strict accordance with international quality standards, the company has passed a number of international and national professional certification, including ISO9001 quality management system, the international standard product quality and environmental protection products logo, Chinese CQC logo, Chinese environment (ten ring) certification mark. About furniture also pay special attention to the protection of intellectual property rights, has the invention, utility model and design patents nearly 1000. 2013, happy together about furniture ambassador Yang Lan, and start the happiness project, customized SZTV fashion life column < Nanzuonvyou >, Shizhibuyi to promote happiness and positive energy culture life concept.2014, force the happiness project, over millions of R & D and manufacturing base in full production, the national service network spreading, terminal services training in full swing, soft hardware bi-initiated create happiness for the consumer service network, to build a happy.2015, around the sofa to provide special seats for the BFA, a "chair" glory, the same year, "dragon chair" appeared in the Forbidden City, the China red "color, shapes dragon vacated since ancient and the dynamic form, still life", "dragon chair" dignity and charm so that the viewer amazed at.2016 years, about China "green fund will help sofa million forest plan", and actively participate in public welfare undertakings green, In the same year, about the original work "bureau" officially unveiled in Milan